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Frequently Asked Questions

Ratic Store is a discord-based platform to make use of preRTC tokens you earn. The good news is, we don’t stop there. Our mobile app is going to be released soon and Ratic Store will be integrated too! Collect your preRTC tokens now and start earning.

Visit our discord channel and click Order Tool. You’ll get a private discord channel after you click Create Order. You can see items over there.

After earning and collecting your preRTC tokens, obviously, you would like to see the total number you have. You just need to use check/balance command to see.

If you like RATIC, invite your friends and get 10 preRTC. Also, follow events and lots to earn more. Keep in mind that invited people have to stay for 14 days. Our community is ready to help you out, If you don’t know anything about crypto games, NFT, and blockchain gaming ecosystems.

1) Log in to Discord and create a profile with the /createprofile command.
2) Then register your own reference code using the /myrefcode command.
3)You can earn preRTC by inviting people with your referral code.
4)Update your data using the /check command and then you can query your balance with the /balance command.
5)You can see the products with /viewpass command and order with /shop command.

1) Log in to Discord and create a profile with the /createprofile command.
2) Then log in to the system using the /userefcode command.