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Ratic Launcher can be defined as a decentralized system where it is not difficult to access, convert and interact with cryptocurrency. These processes can be summarized as a system such as Ratic Launcher, which specializes in Web3 gaming, and Google Play Store in Web 2.0 thinking.

Although Web 3.0 is constantly on the agenda, players do not have a platform where they can directly meet with Web 3.0 gaming. With Ratic Launcher, it is possible to combine the blessings of the latest technology with the basics of web 3.0 gaming.

This system, where you can easily play Web 3.0 games, follow the latest gaming trends, and not encounter any obstacles in cryptocurrency interaction, will be one of the turning points of Web 3.0 gaming.

You can start to experience the game culture of the future now with Ratic Launcher, which takes action with the motto “Play, Earn, Invest, Spend”.

Ratic Launcher And Web 3.0 Gaming 

The main purpose of Ratic Launcher can be summarized as follows; Under normal circumstances, it is difficult to integrate all the tools that can interact with such games. But with Ratic Launcher this is now possible. You can easily advance processes without different tools, channels, or needs. In order to play a standard mobile Web3 game, you need to go to the cryptocurrency exchange and buy some crypto by throwing some of your money there.

Then you have to transfer it to the crypto wallet. In the following process, by connecting this wallet to an NFT store, NFT is received from there. As you can see, it’s a very tedious system. It is also a very long and complex process. In some models, it may even be necessary to use 4 or 5 platforms. Ratic Launcher aims to completely eliminate this complexity.

The user can complete the above-mentioned processes completely within the system by simply logging into the system with his phone number. Thus, they save time, they can make transactions safely and directly.

At the end of the process, the user gets an integrated cryptocurrency wallet and can play these games. He can buy cryptocurrencies and NFTs with his credit card. With the “Ratic Pay” system, which is a crypto banking solution that will come to the Ratic Launcher system in the future, users will be able to instantly calculate and spend their money in a game, the total monetary value they hold, and thus the game experience will be moved to a completely different place.

So Ratic Launcher briefly; It can be defined as a decentralized game bank that will operate actively in 182 countries and continue its activities continuously. In this system, a decentralized system is being established that will remove the barriers to accessing and converting crypto money.