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Mobile games can be shown as one of the most important entertainment industry products of today. Especially with the developing esports culture, the place of mobile games within the “game industry” continued to expand. We know that you have seen Pubg mobile, Apex mobile, Candy Crush Saga, and many more games within different game companies. The fact that these are so popular can be explained by citing both the esports trend and the diversification of gaming culture.

On the other hand, “simple” or “low graphics quality” game types that come to mind when it comes to mobile games may come to mind. But this is definitely not the case. In particular, the rise of phones or other mobile devices to higher levels in terms of hardware and competence continued to increase the quality of the mobile game industry. As such, the mobile game industry has also had an incredible player base.

The mobile device category includes not only mobile phones but also tablet computers, ultrabooks, notebooks, smart watches, and handheld computers. As the qualities of these devices have increased over time, the variety of usage areas has also increased. For example, users can shop through the applications they have installed on their mobile devices, follow the news and the weather, perform their banking transactions and even play games if they wish. Moreover, they can perform all these operations independently of time and space. Considering this aspect, mobile devices have succeeded in being among the devices with the highest prevalence despite the fact that they have been included in daily life for a short time due to the numerous possibilities they offer. However, it has become the only device that people can’t keep away from.

Software companies that are aware of the situation develop different mobile applications every day and offer them to the service of users. Considering the number of applications in Android and iOS stores, which are the most widely used mobile device operating systems, it can be easily seen that companies are in fierce competition. There are over 2 million applications developed by many software companies in the Playstore, where applications compatible with the Android operating system are available and over 1.5 million applications in the iOS-compatible App Store. To date, the number of applications downloaded from both stores has exceeded 150 billion.

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It is estimated that this number will exceed 350 billion by 2020. In addition to the number of mobile applications, the current figures reveal the sectoral size when looking at the statistics about mobile devices. As of 2015, 1.4 billion smartphones were sold. With the inclusion of other mobile devices in this number, the total number reaches 2.4 billion. In addition, it is predicted that 36 percent of the world’s population will use smartphones by 2018.

It is obvious that the sales of mobile devices and the number of mobile subscribers will continue to increase in the future with the improvement of device characteristics and the increase in data transfer speed. Therefore, competition among companies will intensify in the application development dimension. In this competition, companies that correctly determine the user’s wishes and desires, determine the factors that are effective in the application preference of the consumer, and continue to work in this direction will be one step ahead of the competition.

How to Download Mobile Games Free?

Although there are multiple ways to download mobile games online, two major operating systems, IOS and Android, continue to dominate recently. App Store on IOS mobile devices and Google Play Store on Android mobile devices can be shown as the most used platforms for mobile games. On the other hand, it is possible to find both paid and free game options within the platforms. In other words, you can download the games that the producers put in the “free” category on the App Store or Google Play Store to your phones without any charge.

Apart from that, downloading files from sources that your phone may detect as threats, even “free”, is dangerous. Using the App Store and Google Play Store often puts you in a more advantageous position and keeps you safe. The mobile game enjoyment continues without interruption.

Mobile Games for IOS

We have already said that mobile devices with the IOS operating system can download or play games through the “App Store”. App Store, which is generally found on devices such as iPhones and iPad, can be seen as an application with a very easy-to-use and user-friendly interface. It is automatically installed on mobile devices with the IOS operating system and can be described as a platform that strives to offer you both the best quality and the latest mobile games by updating it periodically.

By opening yourself an App Store account, you get the chance to have a customized experience. Thus, your interests are determined by the advanced algorithm of the App Store, and mobile games in that context are recommended to you.

Mobile Games for Android

Just like IOS, Android also relies heavily on its own mobile game or application platform, the Google Play Store. Especially, the statistics that increase every year and compete with each other relentlessly prove how good mobile game marketers these two applications are. Android has a very useful panel and creates a fast registration process for users.

Thus, you can quickly download advanced mobile games to your phone whenever you want and play as you wish. Besides, if you are very good at games, you can also consider becoming an esports player.

What Are the Most Popular Mobile Games in 2022

When it comes to the most popular mobile games of 2022, do not be surprised if you see that the majority of the games mentioned are listed in both the App Store and Google Play Store. Because truly comprehensive, visionary game companies may want their games on both platforms in order to reach more players. Thus, you can enjoy the aforementioned mobile game regardless of which operating system you have.

While preparing this list for you and choosing the games, we considered that the games should still be playable today and should comply with today’s qualifications. In addition, in the list, we include paid and free games, you may come across games you like and dislike because statistics are based on. Therefore, if you research the games yourself, you can get a more useful process.

Raid: Shadow Legends

It is a turn-based roleplaying gacha game with PVP and PVE arenas. With 3D graphics, over 400 champions, epic-style boss battles, a crowded PVP arena, you can play with players around the world in Raid: Shadow Legends. You can also create your team in your own style with various masteries in the game and apply your own strategies. Raid: Shadow Legends is one of the most played mobile games.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

League of Legends: Wild Rift was released in 2021 and has become one of the best mobile MOBAs. This game, where the champions are tried to be kept balanced, offers a good 5v5 MOBA experience. Matches last 15-20 minutes on average, which is a bit long for mobile games. It is not a coincidence that Riot Games, which leads the MOBA game industry, blends all the features of a mobile MOBA game and produces such a game. That’s why League of Legends: Wild Rift is among the best mobile games.

Genshin Impact Mobile

Genshin Impact is a very good game as a blend of gacha and RPG. It has many of the features that identify with the gacha genre, including a story to play and playing with lots of teammates. Genshin Impact is a production that stands out with a completely open world and satisfying combat mechanics. Both the graphics and gameplay are surprisingly good. You can also play cross-platform with PS4, iOS, and PC devices. Genshin Impact, with its unique style and gameplay, is among the most-played mobile games.


Roblox is currently among the most popular games in the world. It is a virtual sandbox game with dozens of contents to play. Roblox is an old game by mobile gaming standards, but the ever-increasing content and things to try have made it this far. Players can play or create things created by other players.

Roblox mobile app has cross-platform support (cross-platform) support. Some content may contain inappropriate images that mean “Not safe for work”, called NSFW. Therefore, if you let your children play, you may need to supervise them. Roblox can be played for free on Google Play and the App Store. Roblox is one of the most played mobile games.